Conversations at Home

Enhance Family Communication

Elevate your homecoming experience by embracing authentic conversations with your cherished family and friends, all thanks to the Conversations: an inspirational game. This unique board game is not just entertainment; it’s a transformative journey that teaches the art of positivity in communication and speaking from the heart.

Through the game’s engaging dynamics, you’ll not only refine your ability to express yourself but also become a more attentive listener and a master of genuine connection. The profound benefit of Conversations lies in its capacity to create a space where every participant can express themselves openly, secure in the knowledge that their words will be genuinely heard.

By playing Conversations, you will collectively craft a sanctuary for authentic communication to flourish within your home. As you engage with each other, you’ll discover the power of shifting towards a more positive language, fostering immediate and profound connections with your loved ones. In a remarkably short time, you’ll experience the bonds among family and friends growing stronger and more meaningful.

Safety and harmony are paramount in the Conversations game. Participants are assured that they can share at their comfort level, and the game’s rules emphasize respectful conduct—no interruptions, and an emphasis on “I statements.” This ensures that the game is not only a source of personal growth but also a source of joy and safety for everyone involved.

With Conversations, you’re not just playing a game; you’re cultivating an environment where genuine, positive, and transformative communication thrives, enriching your relationships and bringing your loved ones closer together

Conversations invites us to look at ourselves honestly, share our feelings on a deeper level and choose the direction we would like our life to take. Thank you for a beautiful, inspirational game – much more than a game.
Lynne Frost, Australia

An engaging way to explore and open up my own opportunities and potential. The game allows me to take any aspect of life and to delve deeply to discover more about myself.
Richard Moreham,  New Zealand

Thank you for creating this “safe” place to play. I love the connection I felt with all in the room, many whom I had never met before – when we speak our wisdom and really HEAR each other’s wisdom – it is such a gift.
Mary Anne Swan, Canada

The game moved a group of strangers to true intimacy in a very non-threatening way, providing great personal insights and clarity in moving forward
Tom Berry, USA

I feel the game helped me to find that way again and gave me the strength to move forward towards a powerful purpose.

Alison Lane, New Zealand

“Conversations is an extraordinary experience that I believe everybody deserves the opportunity to participate in. Playing the game, I discovered some wonderful insights into, who I really am, and being surrounded by supportive people created a very safe environment that was a pure pleasure to be part of.”
Leanne, Australia
This game is a gift all about the gift of the game of life.
Darleen Ochkas, USA

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