Conversations’ Facilitators

Learn to Facilitate the Conversations Game

Coversations: an inspirational game was released Sept 2004 and is a board game unlike any other, designed to develop and enhance relationships through honest and open communication. This is facilitated in a safe space where each individual is encouraged to bring forth their own wisdom. Through this discovery we are reminded that EVERYONE has an invaluable contribution to make to bring about positive change to our way of Life.

This extraordinary game is open to everyone regardless of lifestyles or beliefs and was created from the universal principle that WE ARE ALL ONE. All participants are invited to share their unique insights and to listen openly to the insights of others.

This facilitation program is open to anyone familiar with the game and the benefits of becoming a General Facilitator are limitless. You may simply want to correctly facilitate the game with a larger circle of friends or family or you may want to include these skills as a source of income for yourself by bringing the game to different networks and charge for game events.

There will be an opportunity to explore the benefits of becoming a licensed facilitator at the workshop, including:

• Ability to charge for private groups.
• Discounts on games purchased for on selling.
• A facilitator’s guide book outlining how to play the game with more than eight people.
• Access to the ‘Conversations’ Facebook Page to promote game events.
• Belong to a community of aware people helping each other.

This event is more than just about becoming a Game Facilitator. It is an opportunity to explore your own gifts and capabilities and what may be blocking you from Consciously Creating the life you desire,   as you uncover aspects of YOU which might truly surprise you!

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The Conversations Game can be a wonderful tool to open up communication between colleagues, peers and family members.  An interesting way of continuing the process of getting to know each other and building teams.
Heather Liubicich Heartwood Emprises Pty Ltd