Conversations for Schools

An empowering way for students and teachers to decrease bullying by addressing relationship & communication issues


Conversations: an inspirational game is a fun and educational board game that develops communication skills and positive relationships between students.

Learning Intention:

I am learning to communicate better with my class mates by learning to speak more openly and to actively listen to others.

Conversations: an inspirational game is ideal for:

  • developing in students the high level of communication skills required by the Australian English curriculum.
  • scaffolding opportunities for students to speak authentically and listen actively.
  • supporting the personal development of students through genuine dialogue amongst themselves.
  • enriching pastoral care programs to promote greater unity and respect between all students and teaching and ancillary staff.
  • helping to create a more positive culture and ethos in a school, through staff Professional Development.

Success Criteria:

I am successful when I can:

  1. Speak more openly and honestly about how I feel.
  2. Really listen to others without the need to interrupt.
  3. Understand that we are more alike than dis-alike in the world.

Purpose of Conversations: an inspirational game
To create more better conversations by allowing each student the opportunity to speak authentically and to learn to actively listen to one another.

Outcome of Conversations: an inspirational game
To increase Communication, Empathy and Respect and to decrease Bullying, Isolation and Disconnection.

Why Play?

Relationship and communication issues including bullying are amongst the most challenging and critical issues facing schools, not only in Australia, but worldwide.

Conversations: an inspirational game is an extra-ordinary tool that can assist your school in taking a proactive role in addressing some of the underlying causes of issues in schools such as bullying, peer pressure and reduced teacher / student relationships.

The game invites people to come together regardless of backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences or beliefs. It allows people the opportunity to share individual insights and to list openly to those of others. It is through the sharing of our stories that we discover more about ourselves.

Conversations: an inspirational game for Schools comes with additional support material for playing the game in the classroom. Additional support is also available for professional development for staff.

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“Conversations is a great activity for late adolescents in an extended time-frame of, say, a retreat experience or seminar day program. Participants are encouraged to develop listening skills and to make connections between significant life moments and the deeper wisdom that may be found there. In a world where communications technology is thieving human capacity for meaningful personal connection, Conversations, the game offers hope and a method. Designed as a small group process that needs a confident facilitator, Conversations achieves what its name suggests – focused meaning-making through the art and the skills of communication.”

Tony Haintz VSm, Assistant Principal, Damascus College, Ballarat, Australia

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