Conversations for Schools

An empowering way for students and teachers to decrease bullying by addressing relationship & communication issues


Conversations: An Inspirational Game – Transforming Education

Empowering students and educators alike, Conversations: an inspirational game, offers a powerful solution for addressing relationship and communication issues within the academic setting. Beyond just a board game, it’s a dynamic educational tool that brings a host of benefits to schools and universities.

Fostering Positive Relationships
‘Conversations’ is designed to make learning how to communicate openly and listen actively an enjoyable and engaging experience. By playing this game, students and teachers can build positive relationships within the school community.

Meeting Curriculum Goals  
‘Conversations’ aligns seamlessly with educational objectives by developing the high-level communication skills emphasized in the English curriculum.

Supporting Personal Growth 
‘Conversations’ also supports the personal development of students through authentic dialogue among peers. This not only enhances their communication skills but also enriches pastoral care programs, promoting unity and respect among students and staff alike.

Transforming School Culture  
With its potential for staff Professional Development, ‘Conversations’ can contribute significantly to creating a more positive culture and ethos in educational institutions.

Measurable Success  
The success criteria for ‘Conversations’ are clear: students learn to speak openly, listen actively, and realize that we share more similarities than differences. These skills empower them to communicate effectively and navigate the complexities of school life.

Addressing Critical Issues  
Schools worldwide face complex challenges like bullying, peer pressure, and strained teacher-student relationships. ‘Conversations’ offers a proactive approach to address these issues by encouraging open dialogue and fostering empathy and respect.

Inclusivity and Unity  
This extraordinary tool brings people together, transcending differences in backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences, and beliefs. It creates a platform for sharing individual insights, fostering understanding, and strengthening connections.

Comprehensive Support  
Conversations: an inspirational game for Schools includes additional support materials for classroom play and professional development for staff. It’s a holistic solution that equips educators and students with the tools they need to create a more harmonious and respectful learning environment.

In a world where effective communication and positive relationships are crucial, Conversations emerges as an invaluable asset for schools and universities, paving the way for a brighter, more empathetic future in education.

“Conversations is a great activity for late adolescents in an extended time-frame of, say, a retreat experience or seminar day program. Participants are encouraged to develop listening skills and to make connections between significant life moments and the deeper wisdom that may be found there. In a world where communications technology is thieving human capacity for meaningful personal connection, Conversations, the game offers hope and a method. Designed as a small group process that needs a confident facilitator, Conversations achieves what its name suggests – focused meaning-making through the art and the skills of communication.”

Tony Haintz VSm, Assistant Principal, Damascus College, Ballarat, Australia

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