Conversations Online

Build better relationships at home and around the world

The intent of Conversations Online would be to engage with the millions of social media users who wish to have a more authentic and heart-centered conversation with people around the world.

The BIG Why

The game Conversations literally came to me as a way to support my need for a sense of belonging and connection to others. As I have played the physical board game over a thousand times over the past 10 years, I have witness the game transform relationships and connect people allowing participants to share themselves from heart space. It also made it to the top 25 in North America’s “Next best thing for humanity” competition.

Our lives are given real value by the relationships we have with each other. This is your opportunity to get involved and join the current world team that makes global authentic communications a reality. Conversations Online will change the way we communicate with each other around the world. Together, we can create authentic global communications.


The Conversations Online experience connects us in a more meaningful way. This online platform will allow us to have meaningful and rich conversation and communicate with people across the world. As a result, it will help to support and create close, loving and lasting friendships.

The Online version will be an extension of the game in that it will be able to incorporate different versions of the game, such as an educational edition. The key emphasis for obtaining members will be through a worldwide facilitation program.

What is Conversations Online?

An interactive multi-leveled, multi-faceted platform that truly connects one another and creates a real and immediate experience of Oneness.

  • an invocation to come together to have a communion of a higher order
  • an internet platform that will connect the hearts of people in much the same way as the internet currently connects machines
  • the shift in consciousness on a global scale where we fully engage with one another on a higher level
  • an interactive and fun way to speak authentically, learn to actively listen and reach out and connect with others.
  • The on-line version of Conversations consists of five components:
  1. An introductory space for local communities  to play Conversations  (not for profit)
  2. A private space where people around the world could play together and have real Conversations that matter
  3. A facilitated  space for specially facilitated games and webinars
  4. Special games being played with celebrities and world leaders
  5. A training platform for running on line events for progressive organizations

Why Conversations Online

People are searching. People are searching for a way to connect to their family, their friends, their neighborhood and to the world. Some people are lost. Some people just want to talk without the drama. Some people just want to share their story. Whatever the reason Conversations Online will transform the way communication takes place.

Conversations Online will lead to a deeper conversation. It will turn back time on communication and simplify the way we communicate while still using the same technology that often separates us.

Conversations Online will literally break the world’s barriers and make us all family

  • To enhance relationships cutting through the clutter of a noisy world – conversations that transcend the barriers of language
  • To enable people to have a voice, be heard and ultimately have a sense of belonging and connection
  • To allow people to express their own wisdom and create common ground with people, regardless of race, religion or location.
  • To make a positive difference in how we communicate with one another at home, in schools, at work and within government organizations across the world

Your opportunity to get involved

Imagine a social media platform that truly connects us…

Communication in relationship is the new global currency. People are searching for a way to connect to their family, their friends, their neighborhood and to the world. So many people are using Facebook to connect yet it seems as though it only connects people to a certain level.

Please help by being part of making the difference NOW with social and financial benefits of becoming an alliance partner.

  1. Target total number of private subscribers is from 1,500 (Year 1) to 100,000 (Year 10).
  1. Silver level has automated facilitator. Gold level has live facilitator. There are already over 40 trained facilitators worldwide.
  1. Workplace Professional Development has larger potential for world growth through alliance training programs as either stand alone events or as part of a larger training program.
  1. Portal to sell other products and services has larger potential for world growth. This would include selling unique products and services,  and “per click” advertising.

Initial set up of the capital requirements has already been met with

  • The creation and development of the physical board games
  • Trademarking and legal requirements
  • The production of 4000 games (of which 2000 have been sold)
  • The creation of a network of worldwide facilitators
  • The development of the educational and workplace versions
  • Facilitation with over 60 workplaces in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA
  • Development of the Conversations online process

We are looking for Joint Ventures, grants and alliance partners to make this a truly collaborative project in order to change global communication and create Oneness.

© 2018

A fun and exciting game that will reveal the power of your God-given imagination
Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

The Conversations game is a highly intense and wonderful way to communicate between people that are like one another or represent very diverse points of view.
John Savage, Trainer, Spiritual Director, USA.

I love the connection I felt with all in the room, many whom I had never met before – when we speak our wisdom and really HEAR each other’s wisdom – it is such a gift.
Mary Anne Swan, Canada


To discuss this further, and to play the game for yourself…