Conversations: an inspirational game

What is Conversations?

Conversations: an inspirational game is a co-operative and interactive board game designed to develop and enhance all our relationships through genuine dialogue. Playing this game facilitates a major breakthrough in your communication. It can be played at home, at work or in schools.

The outcome of the game is that each person is allowed to speak openly, be really heard and create a genuine connection with others from a heart space. The result will be that we will create a safe place for authentic communication to occur.

Each person playing Conversations will get to experience for themselves and each other the awareness that we are more alike than disalike, creating a strong connection in a short amount of time

The game is safe in that each participant is informed that they can share as much as they are comfortable with. The rules also include not interrupting and speaking from “I statements” to ensure the game is safe and fun for everyone.

Conversations creates authentic connections with others from a heart space and transforms relationships.

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