Conversations for the Workplace

Communication in the workplace is the cornerstone of a positive work environment.  

Effective workplace communication is the bedrock of a thriving professional environment. Enter ‘Conversations: an inspirational game,’ a dynamic and cooperative tool meticulously designed to elevate workplace relationships through enhanced communication. This captivating ‘workshop in a box’ serves as a powerful catalyst for team building and fosters the professional growth of all participants.

The benefits of ‘Conversations’ in the workplace are manifold, bringing about a tangible transformation in organizational culture. Here are two compelling ways in which your workplace can harness the power of ‘Conversations’:

  1. Professional Development Program
    ‘Conversations’ forms the cornerstone of a comprehensive professional development initiative focused on communication in the workplace. By leveraging the game’s framework, teams can elevate their open listening skills, enhance effective communication, and engage in genuine dialogues that strengthen collaboration and understanding.
  2. Resource for Ongoing Development
    ‘Conversations’ isn’t just a one-time activity; it’s a valuable resource that can be distributed to all employees. By incorporating ‘Conversations’ into your workplace, you’ll empower individuals to continually refine their communication skills, effecting a real change in the way they interact both at work and in their personal lives.

    Conversations makes an excellent gift for your employees this Christmas

The impact of ‘Conversations’ on the workplace is profound, offering a multitude of benefits:

  • Enhanced Listening Skills: Sharpen your ability to understand and address clients’ needs effectively.
  • Respectful Communication: Foster an atmosphere of respect and collaboration among all staff members.
  • Positive Change: Drive positive change through focused and meaningful communication.
  • Leverage Diverse Skills: Harness the collective skills and knowledge of your entire workforce.
  • Work-Life Balance: Help employees strike a balance between their professional and personal lives.
  • Cultural Transformation: Initiate a positive shift in the culture and ethos of your workplace

Recognize that ‘Conversations’ is not a quick fix but an ongoing journey toward improved communication. Consider our Conversations Corporate package, which includes facilitation training for staff. This enables the game to seamlessly integrate into your long-term communication strategy, bridging gaps within and across departmental groups.

‘Conversations’ was created by Barry Auchettl M.Ed. B.Bus., a seasoned expert with over four decades of corporate, educational, and business experience. This game emerges from the pressing need to cultivate stronger relationships and authentic communication, making it an invaluable asset for workplaces striving for excellence. With ‘Conversations,’ you’re not just playing a game; you’re embarking on a transformative journey that empowers your team to reach their full potential and build a thriving workplace culture.

When we played the game “Conversations” I was amazed how it opened up conversations between people who didn’t know each other before playing. Days and weeks late people were still talking about the event and continued to talk to each other. At the time I had not long left an large organisation that was split on functional lines eg. Managers, Supervisors, Clerks, Sales staff, Engineers,Technicians and field workers. Few of these people in these groups had any time for people in other groups nor did they ever get to know each other and establish lasting friendship. The Conversations game creates an ideal situation for different groups of people in large organisations to break down the barriers that seem to quickly develop. When this happens productivity increases and other improvements to the work environment occur. Concequently I would recommend this game to any organisation that want’s it staff to really work together and achieve a high level of performance.
John Thomas, 
Manager, Ballarat Business Centre, Australia

I work with Learning Annex and am their Calgary representative as well a new larger company that is in Canada called the Power Within. They are the people that brought Pres. Bill Clinton to Canada to speak last fall. We have an author speaking at least once a month. Barry is one of the best speakers we have enjoyed at our service. His average guy attitude put everyone at ease and he helped us go through a little exercise in our service that had everyone talking about how much they enjoyed it. As people talked from there hearts and we got to connect with each other on a deeper level.
Sheryl Guillaume, Evolving Doors Productions, Canada

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